Online Self Assessment at TH Nuremberg

What is the Online Self Assessment Test (OSA)?

The OSA is a mandatory online test that tests your suitability for the International Business Program. The result of the test is for your own evaluation and does not influence the admission decision.

You have to complete the test before you can finish the online registration at our application portal Virtuohm.

How can I register for OSA and complete the test?

  1. Registration

    The OSA can be accessed via the following link:

    Once you opened the page you have to register for the test. (Registering for the application portal Virtuohm does not replace your registration at OSA)

    You click on "Benutzerkonto" -> "Konto erstellen". Now you have to enter:

    • Name (= last name)
    • Vorname (= first name)
    • Email (= email address) please use the email address you used (or will use) for the online registration
    • Passwort (= password)
    • Wiederholen (= repeat your password)

    When you entered all the required information you register through clicking on "registrieren".

  2. The test

    Under the heading “Studiengangstests” you find a lot of different tests for our study programs. For the International Business Program you choose: "International Business"

    And click on the arrow. Now you can do the test.

    You can pause the test at any time and complete it later. You can also repeat the test if you want to. If you want to quit the test and continue later you have to log in again. In order to do this you click on "Benutzerkonto" -> "anmelden", enter your email and password and click on "anmelden" again.

    After completing the test please log out from OSA by clicking on your Name on the right side and click on "abmelden".

Please note: At the end of the test you will get an overview of your performance. You do NOT have to print it out and send it to us!
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